• "Since adjustments began, I have been able to come off of my migraine medication and have minimal headaches now!"
    Kristen from Miller Place
  • "After just a few adjustments with Dr. Stumpf, the numbness and tingling down my arm went away."
    Michael in Mount Sinai
  • "I am more flexible and comfortable with my back. I have less headaches and neck pain."
    Stacey in Mount Sinai
  • "Adjustments brought my blood pressure down to normal almost immediately. I would absolutely recommend chiropractic care to a family member or friend - it's the first place to go."
    Margot in Ridge
  • "I feel my regular visits help prevent back problems."
    Jane in Stony Brook
  • "I can now walk without limping and with very little pain."
    Linda in Calverton
  • "My TMJ pain was gone after just one visit!"
    Virginia in South Setauket
  • "I feel more mobility and less constant pain from my adjustments. I would most definitely recommend chiropractic care to a family member or friend!!"
    Natalie in Sound Beach
  • "I always felt that chiropractic care was helpful, but now will tell anyone having infertility problems to give it a try because if it wasn't for another patient's story, I might have never experienced this great joy."
    Lesli in Sound Beach
  • "I can't believe I waited so long to see Dr. Stumpf. I really just believed this was the way my life was going to go and I'd have to put up with the pain. I suffered for years needlessly!"
    Cheryl from Rocky Point
  • "My serious neck and shoulder pain is gone and I only experience minor aches in that area after only four weeks of care."
    Roy from Sound Beach
  • "Dr. Stumpf has really helped me. I keep my core strong and I do the stretches he showed me and, knocking on wood here, no major flare-ups have occurred. Thanks for getting me straightened out!"
    Robert from Miller Place

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